Thursday, 8 March 2012


Sometimes I wish I could be a super hero minus the powers, I mean I wish I could save lives and not just because I could but because I want to. The cape would be replaced by an invisible one called motivation and my powers would be to inspire, so basically you could say I would just be a normal person with high ambitions (cliché).
I want people to understand me and understand that there are ways out of whatever problems they are facing, though I must admit I am searching for a way myself; but I guess it’s all a part of being human. A lot people think that just because someone might be able to give them advice on their lives that means theirs is perfect. I'm afraid not. What most people don't understand is, in order to give advice on how to overcome situations and life difficulties; you have to have faced some yourself at some point.
If I had the power to brainwash and instil half of the crap that the media instils in most of our lives today and replace it with positive, authentic advice and guidance; I bet the depression rates will decrease dramatically. (Also cliché but hey, it's kind of true, right?)
I am a girl with many dreams; my problem is that I can't choose which one I want to follow, so I'm trying to chase them all. Imagine seeing five butterflies floating and you wanted to follow them all to see where they would stop next, in order for you to get a closer look at their intricate well exquisitely, beautifully patterned wings. The problem with that is, they all float off in different directions, so you'll have to follow the one that strikes you most. And maybe that one will look beautiful from far but not as interesting up close, so then you'll be disheartened.
My point is, all these dreams simulate the butterflies, they all seem appealing now but which one will I be most interested in later. Do I keep chasing after them all? I know soon I will be exhausted, and I know it won't be worth it; or maybe it will.
Maybe I could follow a bee instead and forget about the butterflies, although that could be painful if I ended up getting stung.
Anyways I might not be such a great super hero after all then, because I can't even make up my own mind; so how will I help others make up theirs. I guess every super hero has their weaknesses and this could be mine or maybe I'm just not adequate for the role.
But one thing I definitely know for sure is that I am a dream chaser and I may appear to be a typical girl with big dreams, but I'm not, I am perfectly different and I love it. So whilst I'm trying to figure out which dream to chase, remember to chase yours too and in the end when you reminisce, you'll realise that you made the right choice; even if it felt wrong along the way. And just because people may discourage and belittle you doesn't mean you should give up. It means you should fight harder, because even though you may feel like they hate you, deep down they are wishing they could be just like you. And if you ask me why, the answer is simple; you are their super hero and you play it perfectly.

Note: I hope you understand my point. I just started writing and let it lead the way and this is what I ended up with so I hope you enjoy it and got something from it. Thanks for reading, love you all a lot for all your support. Tanny xx

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