Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Strokes Vs Waves©

The night was young, my thoughts were old and the scenery was new,
As we sat conversing our knowledge and understanding of each other grew,
It didn't take long for words to run out which were replaced my heated stares,
Filled with passion hungry lust but to make the first move neither of us dared,
To break the dreary tension I decided to get up,
I thought he would have followed but he sat there as though he was stuck,
Thinking I should take the hint, I decided to stroll,
I took a few steps but I was stopped in my tracks because of my hand he took a hold,
Confusion and excitement swelled inside of me within a second,
I wanted to ask him what's wrong but I couldn't form the question,
My eyes fluttered close as his breath caressed my neck,
I loved how his tongue danced around and down to my breasts,
And how his hands held onto my bare sides making my skin feel as though it was on fire,
Some people would say they feel as though they were up there with the stars but I felt higher,
Sneakily sliding his hand up my back as he made his way up to my lips,
I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him into my hips,
I felt his eager love stick, standing, ready for action,
He finally found my lips and began the tormenting,
Gently biting and colliding his tongue with mine,
He explored my mouth as though he was searching for something he couldn't find,
My toes dug deeper into the moonlight sand,
As he kept devouring my lips and gliding his hands,
Before I knew it I was on my back and he was on top,
He broke down every wall I ever built and I didn't want him to stop,
He teased, tasted and tormented my body,
I was anxious and aching for him to enter me,
And the pleasure that he gave me cannot be described by words,
The beautiful night air wrapped around our bodies as the waves of the sea moved in sync with his strokes,
We tried numerous positions but I loved it from the back,
He also made me take control so I rode on top,
Lost in a world of our own as we approached our peaks,
We climaxed together and were both left weak.

Note: I hope you enjoy it, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd update you guys. Thanks for reading and have a great Valentine's Day. P.S I'm not really a big fan of Valentine's Day and it's not because I haven't got anyone or anything but I think it shouldn't take just one day for someone to express how they feel about someone. Anyways thanks again, Tanny xx

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