Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pikney Dem©

It bun mi fi some a dem peeple ya yuh si,
Especially di one dem wid di woll heap a pickneyz,
Come like dem neva hear bout birth control,
Or a mussi dem seh white liver, heart and soul,
But weh upset mi is dem have up big line a pikney dem,
But nuh chat to none a di fadda dem,
But a how dat guh? Mi kno seh sumun nuh rite,
And if yuh ask dem nutten dem waan gwan hype,
And a dem same one come like den a step pon glass when dem a walk,
And yuh fi si how some a dem face white like chalk,
Jah kno star, lisa seh shi proud of har bleaching kah fi har cream dare,
But a who tell dem duppy yah fi guh buy cheap cream weh mek dem look white but all now mi nuh si di fare,
Everybody a try tek up style but annuh everybody style fit,
A spend big money pon hair do when dem pickney school pants crotch split,
And wen di pikney dem seh dem hungry a lasco and gotto bread dem a get fi eat n drink,
Yet yuh av money fi false hair and new colour skin,
It bex mi, mi nah lie,
Kah a nuff a dem gyal ya a live up big life,
And yuh waan si how dem pikney dem head top pikey,
And annuh like seh dem madda or puppa nah nuh money,
Yet di pikney dem school shoes a beg bread,
Dem clothes crease up crease up and look like dem a run out a tread,
Dats why mi nah breed till mi kno mi can luk affa mi pikney,
Kah a nuff people waan breed but dem nuh suh lucky,
And mi kno weh my madda guh thru wid mi and my sis,
Suh wen di time come fi mi have my own, den aguh well neat and kriss.

Note: I haven't got much to say really. Oh actually, bare with me because Uni is kind of taking its toll on me at the moment so I havn't been writing much and I can't write unless my mind is free and of late is has been so cluttered. Anyways, thanks for reading and I love you all much. TannyTizzle xx

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