Thursday, 19 January 2012


Walk go out a shop and a bay 'psssst' mi a hear
Come like dem a di predator and mi a di prey
Bout six yutes just siddung nah do nutten
It bad and nuh suh bad kah dem nah gi trouble
But betta dem guh look a work or sumfin
Instead dem a seh dem a di boss and nah boss nutten
No mi tell a lie
Kah fi real some a dem a try
But di rest seh dem a live dream like fry yiyi
And mi neva yet si nun a dem liff a piece a ply
But a dem same one always ina true religionz and clarks
Not even waan kno how dem get it suh mi nuh badda ask
But mi kno seh it only tek one phone call
Weh dem fake bawl
And fake hurt
To one a dem relative a farin suh dem can send money from outa dem purse
Fi buy big liquoir, and get di blackberry service fi work
Mi nuh rate dem tings deh kah dat a dirt
But a nuff gyal way dat fi get new shoes, draws and skirt
Wat a stress, mi glad seh annuh suh mi madda grow mi
Anything weh mi waan, mi affi guh work fi it
Anyways mi just gwarn walk pass and swish mi batty from left to right
Dem cyaa psst likkle more but mi nuh waan nuh man weh live a roadside
Anna fi dem chest high likka woodpecker
But my man affi ambitious, mi waan a go getta
Oh Awoh!!

Note: Yet another poem written in my mother tongue, Patios. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it. Thank you and I love you all. Tanny xx

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