Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Maybe you think you've won,
Just because I stay silent and always hold my tongue,
Or maybe you think I'm a fool,
Because I believe in 'Karma is a bitch' as my golden rule,
Better yet, maybe you think I'm worthless,
Because I don't let it get to me, I don't stress,
But have you ever thought about what 'I think' you are,
Beneath the monster that you are,
You're just as broken, if not even more than I am,
Only thing is, I wasn't to blame for that but you're to blame for how I am,
Tell me if I'm wrong?
Pull away all those layers that you're trying to hide under and reveal the real you,
Maybe you're twice as innocent, fragile, vulnerable as me, isn't that true?
Oh, I get it; you're trying to make me feel your pain,
But how will that help you overcome, if you're just inflicting more pain,
Maybe not on yourself, but on me, I'm still human,
I still hurt, and bleed, although you may be numb,
And remember the bitch called Karma,
Soon you'll be well acquainted with her,
So you can call me, a fool, think I'm worthless and believe you've won,
But know this, you may be hurting now but it's only just begun,
And if it was left to me alone, maybe, just maybe you did win,
But Karma decided it was her turn and believe me when I say, that bitch never gives in.

Note: I felt the need to let this off my chest and I know most, if not all of you can relate. Hope you like it, thanks for reading, and you already that I love you all. Tanny xx

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