Thursday, 26 January 2012


Wen wi siddung anna laff anybady wudda swear seh wi perfect
But not a rass, a just dat dem waan peeple si pon di surface
But try get a shovel and dig and si weh yuh find unda alla dat
A bay badminds, paygons and ungrates inna wi pack
Dem nuh like wen dem si dem bredda or sister or cousin a step up inna life
Suh di jancro dem always a try stop each otha from strive
Memba seh a fambily mi chat bout ennuh
And weh mi put pass dem? Not a rass ting, nutten
Instead a support one aneda, dem a grudge
And a walk round a chat and absorb peeple life like a rahtid sponge
Mi seh dem sick mi to di pit of ma blurtneet stomach sometimes
And den dem expect peeple fi shub dem hand inna dem pocket and gi dem a dime
Kmt, mi? Mi mussi look like mi a real rahtid eediat
Afta a my name di rass dem have a road a walk and a chat
Wait deh memba seh a fambily dis mi talk
Dem heart black and some a dem liver white like chalk
Bwoy mi a tell yuh even if nuhbady nah buy, dem wi still sell yuh out
And dem house cudda stack up wid food but di jancro dem wudda still nyam yuh out
But di ole time saying goes 'wah sweet yuh aguh sour yuh rass
Suh wen karma lick dem, mi aguh feel sorry fi dem claat
And memba seh wah sweet nanny goat soon run him belly
And unnuh soon cut out unnuh ways, but a mussi di hard way unnuh affi aguh learn and truss mi it nuh pretty
But aldoe unnuh tan bad and unnuh heart dutty
Mi cyaa change di fact seh wi a fambily

Note: This poem tends to be short but I hope it's strong and I know many can relate to it. And if you are wondering why I have added the flowers, they are actually called Blue Hydrangea and they represent trust and unity; which I think alot of families lack nowadays. Well that's enough babbling. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading. Love Tanny xx.

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