Saturday, 31 December 2011

Recent Additions

Hey all, I won't keep you long...

First of all I hope you are all enjoying yourselves throughout this festive season and I hope you all have a bless new year, anyways I don't want to babble; so let me just get straight to the point.

I have been thinking about creating an account in which you guys can email me, now, I don't want to put any limits on what you can email me about; BUT and I repeat BUT...
NO spammers, viruses etc...

The whole point of this is really to gain feedback and to give you all a chance to ask me any questions or give me advice. And just for safety measures, anything that is emailed to me will be strictly confidential, so feel free to let your imaginations run wild and ask away.

Another thing, if you know you are just going to idle and waste my time, please don't bother emailing.

So just to clarify, anything that is appropriate or you just feel the need to share it with me please do.

Every email will be read with an open mind!

The email address is...

Note: I look forward to hearing from you all and thanks for reading. Love you all. Tanny xx

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