Monday, 26 December 2011

Let Peace Reign©

When did it become so natural to smile and say 'I'm fine'

Even though deep inside you've just taken step on a land filled with mines

And your brain is trapped between reality and fantasy

So you could say you are the bearer of a troubled mind

Secrets locked away as though they were lost treasures in an ocean
And the deeper they go at any hint of someone in search of them
Prying at your minds and thoughts they question your actions
Having no idea your unconsciously in operation
Your mind lost in your fantasy
As your body take on the paths of reality
Broken and bruised yet you don't feel a thing
Numbed by the pains that comes from within
Simulating a walking corps
And is only distinguished human by the beats of your heart
Dead to the world but very much alive in your mind
Hobbies out of the ordinary, as you visit places you dared never to go
What have they done to you?
They find someone to place the blame on
Having not even the slightest clue that they are the culprits,
Trusts broken, promises un-kept,
Days of loneliness and nights you never slept,
Hours starring at the ceiling, whilst you wept,
Even the idea of befriending a spider whilst it crept,
In need of love but it was never there
Wanted warmth but only the cold cared
So when they see you have finally given up, they start to panic,
‘Let peace reign’ was your Mnemonic
And for all the blame they tried to place on others made you smile
You then realised you weren't the one in the wrong all this time
So when they turned around and asked you how you overcame all of that
I always tell them, ‘I followed my instincts and found my way back’

Note: I don't have much to say, I just hope you like it. Thanks for reading, Tanny. xx

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