Sunday, 20 November 2011

Listen, And Follow Your Heart, Not Other's Thoughts

Have you ever felt as though you have always given others advise but when it comes on to yourself you don't actually have a clue what you want or where you want to go; and it's not that you don't have any ambitions or any morals, but it's more like you have too many dreams.

I mean be realistic no one can be superman or superwoman but there are those people in the world who actually want to help others who might have trouble helping themselves.


Before you start thinking 'Well who do you think you are?', hear me out first, because I definitely don't think i'm superwoman. But I do believe I am blessed with multiple talents and I wish to share them with the world... I know that sounds typical and cliche but honestly, it's what I want to do.

Now, there's nothing wrong in dreaming big, as long as you wake up to face the reality and build the stepping stones for your future.

Yet again, that may sound commercialized and it also may be one of those things that are 'easier said than done' but it's merely the truth.

I'm an individual that's filled with so many dreams and ideas of ways of how I want to help others, I love giving others advice and I really love that feeling I get when I know I can confide in someone and not worry about the whole world knowing; so I know that you do too.

A lot of us feel the need to confide in our friends and some of us prefer to let it all out to complete strangers, not that there's anything wrong with that; just do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I say this because you may have people who you call friends but there are some things that they may not understand, especially if you have dreams and aspirations; you may think a friend is telling the truth by saying something like...'You're never going to pull that off, it's best you do something different' but believe me when I say...

Listen, and follow your heart, not other's thoughts.

You're probably thinking ''well, what's your point', so let me just wrap this all up.

The point i'm making is, I have dreams and a lot of them too and i'm sure you do as well; so what's the difference between me and you. The difference is you're reading this now, and i'm typing it, but i'm not just typing for the sake of it... Notice that i'm following my dreams, just by typing this. I'm giving you advice.

So, I've reach the ending of this post, and I hope you got something from it, if you didn't I'll try harder next time but even if you did i'm still going to try harder next time.

Just remember a dream is a dream because it's a vague preview of reality, and it's up to you to create, edit and star in what makes up your future.

Note: First of all, I just want to say thank you for taking time out to read my blog. I haven't added any pictures because I want you to focus of the words entirely. I hope it helped you however it can. Thanks again Tanny xx

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