Thursday, 1 December 2011

Farin (Foreign)©

Every day dem a cus and a gwarn,
A chat bout how jamaican life hard,
A farin everybody waan guh,
Wen who deh a farin a dead fi guh back out deh suh,
Unnuh mussi tink seh farin life easy,
Weh unnuh a guh if unnuh naah nuh money,
Annuh like jamaica weh tings can trust
Fi who nuh have it kah dem bruk
No sah farin nuh guh suh at all
If yuh nahh nuh money fi di bills den yuh salt,
Suh unnuh can gwarn a dead fi come up here,
Memba seh a nuh pon tree money bear,
Why yuh wudda waan left yuh good one bedroom house fi guh cotch,
Nah nutten fi yuh self dan 2 piece a clothing and draws fi yuh crotch,
Mi kno seh annuh suh mi wudda waan live,
Unnuh fi gwarn woll unnuh space and a thanks unnuh fi a give,
Yes, jamaican life hard kah nuh work nah gwarn,
And people tink dem too nice fi all try bill a likkle farm,
And memba seh a di woll world inna ression,
Suh di only ting wudda benefit unnuh a muss education,
But all dung to di university prices dem a rise,
Jah kno anyweh yuh guh it nuh easy fi strive,
Suh wen yuh a gwarn and a cuss,
Memba seh yuh situation cudda wuss,
And mi nah seh nuhbady fi nuh gah farin,
Just mek sure yuh have u prioties rite and yuh dedicated,
As di ole time sayin guh 'every mickle mek a muckle'
Suh if a did mi like yuh mi wudda just gwarn hustle,
And jah kno yuh nuh live life if yuh nuh struggle,
Suh any road weh unnuh tek just mek sure unnuh seat belt buckle.

Note: Yet again another poem in Patios, I hope you understand it and I know some of you maybe can relate to it. Thanks for reading, Love you all. Tanny xx.

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