Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bad News or Good News©

I've been feeling tired over the past week
I thought nothing of it, blamed it on how late I’d go to sleep
Until I noticed that I missed my usual menstrual date
I heard that sometimes the patterns do change
So that kind of slowed down my heart rate
And my pulse went back to its normal pace
A week passed and still no sign of my cycle
I’ve never looked forward to anything this much since the day I was getting my first bicycle,
A week and a half and still counting
So I began to panic and the tears started flowing
‘This is the end of my life’ I remember saying
But little did I know this was only the beginning
I did a lot of self-reasoning
Thinking of the best ways of presenting the news to him
Him, being the father of the child growing inside of me
Then it got to the day that I’d let the good news free
Oblivious to the fact that he didn’t share the same views as me
To say he made me feel cheap would be putting it lightly
That night I cried because my emotions took over me
But never did I shed another tear for what he did to me
Because God has presented me
With a beautiful mini me
And on top of the fact that my child will be fatherless
My child will also be two grandfathers and one grandmother less
But above all my child will be God blessed
And in spite of everything good that has happened to me, this had to be the best.

Note: I hope people can relate to this, i wanted to keep it short and quite simple and leave everything else to your imaginations. It's not a personal poem. I hope you all liked it. Thanks a lot for reading, Tanny xx

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