Sunday, 28 August 2011

Recapturing That Feeling©

As I walked down the road towards our house
I thought about how our relationship was
I mean we haven’t made love in months
But I decided to keep quiet about my doubts
Wondering off deep in my thoughts as I opened the front door
I barely noticed the note that was lying on the floor
It read ‘I hope you had a great day baby and enjoy your bath’
I thought it was a bit random and I was too tired, so I just shrugged it off
I was sure I was in the house alone until heard music downstairs
I had just finished having my bath and I was feeling great
The curtains were open in the living room
And the only source of light was provided by the moon
I saw him sitting on the couch staring outside
Confused, I sat down on the opposite side
I was just about to ask him if he was alright
But he cut me off
He stood up and walked over to me
And pulled me up to him slowly
He did this whilst he stared into my eyes
I was a little confused and a little shy
But I just stayed quiet and let him be my guide
He placed his lips on mine and let his hands glide
All over my back and sides
He deepened the kiss and it took me by surprise
But it felt so good to have his tongue inside
My hormones went sky high
I forgot how it felt to be so close
And as the saying goes
‘Actions speak louder than words’
And they certainly did that night
Because the love making took off on an intoxicatingly new flight

Note: I wrote this a while back but just decided to post it. Hope you enjoy it :) Thanks for reading Tanny xx :)

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