Sunday, 24 July 2011

Significant Memory (That Night)©

Moan after moan as he took control of my body
Caressing and teasing, in search of what excites me
Slowly and softly biting and fondling areas of ecstasy
Avoiding parts purposely to drive me crazy
His hands resembled the grace of a snake
Slyly gliding because he loved the sounds I made
I arched closer savouring the way he made my body ache
But he only ignored it and carried on making me wait
His lips covered a nipple and a slight moan escaped
But I pulled his head up to mine, craving his taste
Our tongues intertwined as we went on a journey
Exploring and indulging in a taste sweeter than honey
I tangled my legs around his body
Pleading between breaths intakes for him to enter me
My body throbbed and screamed out for him to take me
I was ready to go anywhere and in any position he wanted me
After an excruciating what felt like hours but only minutes
He reached down and gently guided his in it
A small scream escaped as he slowly started to stroke
I picked up his rhythm and moved with him close
We bonded both physically and emotionally
And that night will always be a significant memory.

Note: I felt the need to spice things up a bit and i wanted to take things up a notch so i decided to do just that in this poem. It's not about me although it is written in first person so are most of my poems, so that you know. I enjoyed writing so i hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks for reading, much love Tanny xx

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