Sunday, 3 July 2011

Guide Him©

I wish you could feel how I feel
I wish you could hear how my heart beats
I wish you knew just how much you’ve hurt me
I want to forgive you but pride won’t let me
I tried to block it out, but it haunts me
So I decided to get down on both knees
"Dear Lord, help me please"
"Heal the wounds he has caused me"
"Help him see how much I loved him"
"How much I needed him"
"Because he is too naïve to see"
"That I gave him the best of me"
"And he just abused it and deceived me"
"Oh Lord, help him because he needs guidance"
"I don’t want him to cause another heart disturbance"
"In your name I pray, amen"
And I thought I understood men
I guess I was wrong
I still have a lot to learn
But at least I can protect my heart from future hurt.

Note: I know i haven't written in a while, sorry about that, i've been busy and lacked motivation. This poem is lightly based upon a situation i came across not entirely though, just a fraction of it; but i hope you understood it and get where i'm coming from. I do have my doubts about this poem, i just think my standards are slipping a bit, but i hope i'm wrong. Comments are appreciated and thank you for reading. Love Tanny xx

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