Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bittersweet Goodbye (Last Kiss)©

Every night it’s always the same thing
Argument after argument, non-stop fighting
Until the day I said I was leaving
My things were packed and ready for the outing
The part that scared me the most was, I wasn’t hurting
I spoke the words without feeling
Although it sounded as though I had been rehearsing
Which I had been,
But does that even matter
Fact is, you broke me and I can’t go on any longer
Pretending that I can still feel the spark
The one that use to light up my heart
No, it died
And when I said I loved you a week ago, I lied
I want to say, I’m sorry it took me this long
To figure out that you’re not my type of man
I’m sorry if I hurt you in the process
Although I think you felt the same but didn’t have the courage
To admit it to me and yourself
It’s a bittersweet goodbye and you will be missed
All I ask for is one last kiss
How ironic,
But that last kiss led to a series of ‘last’ things
And I’ll leave the rest to your imaginings.

Note: Hmmmm, i don't know what to think about this. I like it but then again i don't. I need motivation, i feel my standards slipping a bit and that's not good. :( #sigh. I hope you like it though :/ Thanks for reading. Tanny xx <3

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