Friday, 3 June 2011

I Blame Me©

I thought I was doing the right thing
Following my mind instead of my heart
I thought I fell out of love with her
But the truth is, it was only the start
And I ran
I ran like the coward I am
I ran from what was real
From what was true
Because I found someone new
I thought it was love at first sight
But it turns out I wasn’t right
Thought she was perfect but it was a mistake
Everything about her was fake
That’s only because I left something so genuine
Someone who stood by me through thick and thin
But I just got up and left because I saw new excitement
No wonder I’m in so much bewilderment?
For weeks I battled with myself
Trying to deny exactly how I felt
I kept on telling myself I wasn’t in love with her
But I couldn’t forget the times I spent with her
I missed our little arguments
And how she would storm off angry in the end
How could I have been so foolish?
To me, she wouldn’t have done this
But I guess I’m just selfish
I thought an apology would have sufficed
For the way I made her cry
I thought she would have had me back
But I only had one chance and I lost
I can’t say I blame her, I did her wrong
And because of that, I lost a beautiful black woman.

Note: No i haven't gone over to the other side, this poem's done in a male's perspective. I'm sure i've done a few like these before. Anyways i hope you liked it and thanks for reading :D Tannyy x

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