Wednesday, 18 May 2011

No Regrets©

The way you use to hold me, like you didn’t want to let go
Whilst whispering in my ears and rocking me slow
The times we spent speaking on the phone
Opening up our hearts and let the secrets flow
The passionate and intoxicating kisses we shared
Sweetly teasing and tormenting my lips till I was short of air
The way you messed up my hair then tried to fix it back
Making me slightly annoyed but you turned it into a laugh
The fact that my hands slid into yours perfectly
Showed we not only bonded by heart but also physically
The way you held onto my hips and looked into my eyes
Our gaze locked in a world of our own with all smiles
The way we teased each other for minutes on end
Then telling me you don’t want this love to end
But the end came as fast as the beginning
And yes it did hurt but I’m slowly healing
It was an experience I won’t forget
And I had the time of my life, so no regrets.

Note: Wow, it's been a while since i wrote, i've been caught up in assignments and stuff and lack of motivation :( I know it's terrible. Anyways this poem is not entirely personal but i hope you can relate. And before I forget if you're wondering why i have a picture of blue bells its because they symbolize optimism and it relates to the poem :) Thanks for reading, much love~ Tanny :) <3

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