Sunday, 22 May 2011

Action Speaks Louder Than Words©

I laid waiting for him, staring at the ceiling
Wondering what the excuse would be this evening
I’m starting to get fed up, so I plan to confront him
I was pulled out of my thoughts, when I heard the front door open
I sat up waiting for him to enter the room
Once he sat down, I couldn’t hold it any longer, I began to fume
I didn’t even feel or realize when he pulled me into his arms
All i knew was that I was been crushed my something warm
Still determined on expressing my anger I carried on
Only to be silenced by his lips on mine within seconds
I decided not to respond because I was still mad
But after a minute or so I gave in to his searching hands
Moving like fire as they made their way over my body
Lightly touching areas purposely to drive me crazy
His lips left mine and trailed down to my neck
Slowly and gently biting, till I was gasping for breath
His hands moved closer to the place I wanted then to go
I was eager for his touch but he whispered in my ear ‘baby amah take it slow’
And he could not have been any more true to his word
Because by the time we finished, every limb in my body began to hurt
He expressed his love in ways that I could not have imagined
Making me forgot that I was ever mad at him in the beginning.

Note: I tried to switch things up and make a spicier poem lol, i hope you all like it. Thanks for reading, love you if you do :D much appreciated x<3x Tanny

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