Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Those Days (I miss you) :(©

Remember those days when conversing was easy
When we didn't have to struggle to find things to talk about
Those days when words just flowed between us freely
Well i miss those days
I miss how easy it was to have a heart to heart with you
I miss how we made each other feel better
How we use to joke around carelessly
Saying things that may come across as offensive to others
But was merely a joke to us
I miss when you use to put a smile on my face
No matter what i was going through
You still managed to make me laugh
I miss laughing, the closest i get to it nowadays is a smirk
Why did things have to change?
Why did you change?
I miss you...
In the events of you changing i lost a part of me
A part that i hoped would return soon
But from where i stand, it doesn't look like that is going to happen
Was it me? Did i do something?
If i did, from the deepest part of my heart
I'm sorry...
I miss you!

Note: I know i haven't written anything in a while and i haven't really got an excuse for that, only that i wasn't feeling up to it. I wouldn't say writer's block, more like lack of inspiration or motivation. Ahh what's the point OK, it was just laziness, if i put my mind to it i could have written, i just took time out. Anyways, this was inspired by a incident that happened between me and a good friend. Just so you know i love you all for reading my poems and thank you, and not to be a pain or anything but please spread the word. Thanks again, Tanny <3

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