Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Taking A Little Time Out

Every day we are reminded that life is too short, whether it is a conscious or sub-conscious reminder, but it happens, EVERY single day, but mine happens to be a conscious reminder most of the times. I mean most days i am reminded that life is precious, i wish i could say what it is that reminds me of this but I’m sorry i can't.
When you hear the saying 'Life's too short, so make the most of it' are you one of those people who think to yourself 'i am making the most of it because I’m having the time of my life'. And the time of your life is just, partying and getting drunk until your brains can't tell left from right.
Or... Are you the type who thinks, 'oh blah blah blah blah, oh please, enough with the 'trying' to be wise quotes'.
Well if you fall into the second description, you're probably reading this thinking the same thing, so to save you some hassle, there's an 'X' at the top on the corner of the tab or the page, click it now, i wouldn't want to waste your precious time :). But if you're not one of those people then feel free to read on :)
I started writing this post a while ago, maybe a couple of weeks or so ago, but for some reason i couldn't seem to finish it. I mean, what is the point writing something that's not heartfelt, yes i have my moments of weakness but that doesn't mean i should write without purpose. The reason i couldn't finish it was because i felt as though i had to write it to keep people visiting my blog, i wasn't writing it because i felt it's something i wanted to express and share with you. And i don't want that to be the case. I don't want to write just anything, so i decided that now I’m feeling to finish it.

Anyways let me get to the point, i just wanted to take time out and write a bit about how people don't appreciate life, it takes near death experiences for some people to realize just how precious life is. Yes, i will put my hands up because I’m not exactly perfect myself, i don't want it to be as though I’m talking down to people, because i am at fault as well. At times i do tend to forget just how lucky i am to be where i am. Well as Nicki says 'No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed YES!', I’m sorry if it does sound a bit cheesy, but I’m going to have to agree with her, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed to be where i am today. And I’m sure those of you who are reading this feel the same way, if you don't then i actually haven't got anything to say to that, as that remains as your opinion. :) But i do believe everyone is blessed to be where they are now, where ever you may be.
So all i want to say to you guys is those days when you feel down and feel like your life is not going anywhere, be thankful that you have those days, as bizarre as it seems, because for some people that's how life is for them every day. But that doesn't stop them from being thankful. Who do you think are the strongest people mentally? Well it's those who have little to nothing, those who have one of your bad days every day that they call life. You could have all the power in the world, but those people who survive on next to nothing are the most powerful people in my opinion. Their passion, determination, belief and faith is what keeps them going, that positive thinking that there is better to come and they are being patient.
Whilst some of us may try walking through a paper door and expects to do it with ease, but faces a shock when things doesn't go to plan and you end up bouncing back, then you think life is rough or over, when it's only come to a standstill, you give up not wanting to have to try again. That's where you and those with next to nothing differ; even though life may be rough they never give up and face every day prepared for what life throws at them, so you and i should take a leaf out of their books and I’m sure we will be looking at life differently.

Note: I hope it makes sense to you and you can reflect. I have the perfect song for this Jennifer Hudson- Believe, i know I've mentioned this song before, just goes to show how powerful it is, listen to the WORDS!! I might write a poem pertaining to this but I’m not sure when, if i do, I’ll let you know in the notes that i write at the end of each poem, hopefully you'll be able to figure it out before you reach the note part through :). Thanks for reading :)

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