Friday, 29 April 2011

Slightly Analysing Love©

It’s so easy to mask pain
To fake the smiles and hide tears
To find no comfort in anything you do
Have sleepless nights and dreary days
All because the path of your happiness has been temporarily blocked
So you try to seek a quick escape but find myself yourself lost
The depth of your soul weeps
And your heart cries out for love
Restricted love, that looks in a different direction
Only four letter yet those four letters manage to bind the power of something so pure and beautiful
Something that everyone is in search of, but it only finds the odd few
Whilst the rest search day and night, only managing to hold onto a mere fraction
Something that seeps into the hearts, minds and souls of us all weakening and wounding along its way
No-one can stand against such force and when it reaches you, you have no choice but to surrender
There is no point trying to put up a fight because it’s beyond our control
It has the ability to turn the wise into a fool, but only a fool in the eyes of those that don’t understand the depths of love
But a near perfection in the eyes of the one that share the same affection as you
Your Soul mate
But whilst love can have a fairy tale like ending, it could also turn into a nightmare or a disaster
The bond between two could be too strong for them to have a good relationship, as well as big ego clashes
Making it easier to admit that love found you but in the body of the wrong person
As hard as that is and as much as your inside burns and shrivel up, you have to let go and start again
Only in hope that fate will be on your side this time

Note: I don't actually know what to say about this, i tried to go deep but not too deep. I hope you all like it though and keep visiting because more coming soon. Thanks alot for those who do visit and show me support. Love you guys :D <3 Anyways if anyone want to get in touch with me for any reasons my email is ---> <--- I've written it in my profile area as well. Right, i think i'm going to stop typing now, thanks again :)

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