Monday, 4 April 2011

My Heart Was On Strings (In Love With A Puppeteer)©

You know I love you and you try to take it for granted
Trying to get me to be someone I’m not
The so called perfect girl you’ve always wanted
And like a naïve fool I went along with the plot
I was too blind to see how I was being used
I thought you were just showing me you loved me
But my trust and respect you purposely abused
Leaving me with pains in my heart that cut me deep
But as much as your love made me lose one of my senses
The other four were still in tact
As much as I miss our intense kisses and gentle embraces
I’m happier now and that’s a fact
Yes I lost the man of my dreams or so I thought
But I’ve gain knowledge and strength
And I’m no longer heartbroken over my lost
And it doesn't hurt when I think of you again
Instead I laugh at the situation and at myself
How I could have been so stupid
To let a man play with my heart, mind, and health
Like I was his very own love puppet!

Note: I don't know what to say about this one, i tried to go about my rhyming patterns differently. It's funny i went through a phase of rhyming my poetry when i first started to write, then i went on to writing without rhyming and now i'm back at it. If you did want to read some of my earlier poems, they were the ones done in 2009 on the side ----> you'll see! My very first works aren't there though, i don't exactly know where they are :/ Kinda bad huh?? lol Anyways that's enough of my bickering, hope you liked it :) Thanks for reading :) xx

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