Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Waiting For That Day©

They say child birth is the worse pain a woman can endure
But just thinking about you alone makes my heart sore
I dream of the day when you hold me and look into my eyes
The day when you say you love me and guard me with jealous eyes
The day when you become the only reason i have breath
The day when we promise to love and respect each other till death
I long for those days to come but one day alone would be enough for me
To express this love that is tightly trapped inside me
All I need you to do is understand the way that I am feeling
And to know that I’m in pain because I keep on hoping
Hoping that you feel the same even if it’s not as strong
So that I know whether this is right or wrong
And I’m slowly fading and I can’t go on like this
So I hope you make up your mind real quick

I wasn't too sure about this, hmmmmmm, am i loosing my touch?? :( i hope not :) hope u likeee :)

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