Thursday, 17 March 2011

Too Much Pride©

He wanted to let it all out but he didn’t know how
He was tired of all the lies that lead to all the rows
But pride outweighed joy so he kept it all in
Hoping one day all of it will eventually end
But that day seemed too far away
So at night he always knelt and pray
And every morning he doesn’t want to open his eyes
Because he was secretly hurting inside
Yet a tear never fails from his eyes
Because to him a man never cries
Little did he know even the strongest are sometimes weak
And have to give in, so comfort they’ll seek
But he was a man who had too much pride
So he’ll keep on suffering and drown in all the lies.

Note: An orange rose means 'I'm proud of you'. I thought it would relate nicely to the title of the poem, but an orange rose also have other meanings.
Some men don't like to man up and swallow their pride... it's a shame really because when a person is vulnerable and lets out their emotions, i believe that is when you truly know that person, common sense really isn't it??? or maybe not for some people.... ahh well, i hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading, comment whether good or bad, i love feedback either way :)

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