Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Strong Minds©

Times are getting harder and harder
Sweat and blood is shed earning a pound or a dollar
Two jobs are not enough to fend for a family of five
With mother working in the day and daddy at nights
The end is getting closer and closer
With every day there’s another natural disaster
Killing millions and injuring just as many
Leaving survivors to try build back up their lives without a penny
And love is getting faker and faker
Because of these so called online match makers
So how is anyone supposed to find a genuine lover?
When it’s as easy as ticking a few boxes to find a partner
And trust is something taken for granted
It’s not easily earned but is always wanted
But too many people out there have more than one face
With bad minds that try to interrupt every step we take
But still strong minds make it and pull through
And those who don’t wonder why?
It’s because you let everything get to you!

Note: I know I haven't written anything in a while, i have to tell you the truth, i did kind of struggled writing this, i don't know what i think of it! Well i love how its addressing a few issues but other than that i'm still making up my mind about liking it. I hope you enjoy it though :) Thank for reading :)

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