Friday, 18 March 2011

Not Just Words With A Good Beat

I wasn't going to do another post like this really, but I had good feedback from the last one, people saying they really like it and everything, so i decided to do another one. Only this time the two artists that i'm going to focus on are two who inspire me to write my own lyric, so you see where i'm going with this, well i hope you do. Whilst Adele and Jessie J are my biggest inspiration to write poetically, these two artists inspire me to write lyrically. Interesting....?? Anyways let me tell you who i',m talking about, you're probably there thinking, what are you babbling on about just say who it is already, lol. Okay the two artists are:

Yes the first artist is one of the realist rappers in the game now, J.Cole. This guy, i'd love to meet and it's not even one of them ones where i want to meet him because he is FINE, i'm not going to lie he is rather handsome, but that aside, i have utter respect for this guy. He's doesn't just rap for the sake of rapping and it's not mainstream with just rhyming words strung together with a weak subject matter on a good beat; which most of these songs are today. 'Friday Night Lights' has got to be one of the best mix-tapes I've ever heard, it's album quality, and every song tells a story.
You know what i love about it, it can't just be played as background music, even if i put the CD in my stereo whilst i'm getting ready, it's not like listening to mainstream music where i just put it on just to create nice vibes whilst am moving around. And although i may know the words and sing along to a mainstream song, with J.Cole's songs it's got me listening to the words, and its like i'm watching every scene he creates through words alone. That's not common today, i can't just listen to any artist and get the same feeling. For me i'd say my favourite tracks are 'Blow Up', '2Face' and 'The Autograph', but especially '2Face' that track is DOPE, i could listen to it all day, it's so real, the words have so much meaning in them, and you know it's heartfelt. I suggest if you haven't downloaded this mix-tape already, you need to ASAP, it's a must!!

The second artist is the one and only female rapper running the game right about now, yes you guessed it lol it's the so called 'Barbie B*t*h', Nicki Minaj... This woman has got to be the reason why i even try to write lyric, she's showing that it's not just males alone that's got what it takes, but females can do damage as well. And you know what gets me, it's not like she smoothly walked to where she is now, she had to overcome obstacles and i love how she didn't give up; i love her determination, how she wants to prove herself and a point that females are just as good in the rapping game as males and some are even better. You can tell she's a natural entertainer, always changing her hair colour, wearing funky outfits, i mean that's another thing that the industry is missing, everyone is so hell bent on getting money and being better than everyone else, it's almost like they are forgetting to enjoy it. I mean i can't exactly say that is true but, from the way Nicki Minaj carries herself, she looks like she is having a good time, not only is she the hottest female with one of the best albums out now 'Pink Friday', but you can tell she is enjoying every step and is having her 'Moments for life'.

'Pink Friday' yet again i love every track but i do have favourites which are 'Roman's Revenge', 'Did it om em', 'Fly', 'Moment For Life' and 'Dear Old Nicki'. But my ultimate two are 'Dear Old Nicki' and 'Roman's Revenge', i love 'Dear Old Nicki' because that's where we hear 'Onika' (which is Nicki's real name) rather than one of her egos and trust me she has a few lol; but the track is basically about her wanting her old self back because she had to change in order to bring something different to the game, that i don't like but she has succeeded in resurrecting the entertainment factor in hip-hop. 'Roman's Revenge' is beastly and i love how she just goes mad on it, her flow is phenomenal and not to mention Eminem's flow as well, Roman is one of Nicki's egos; her so called 'bossy b*t*h' side and combined with Eminem's Slim Shady's ego, no wonder the track turned out to be something out of this world. I'd say again if you haven't got the album, then you're missing out, so you need to get it.

I kind of babbled on a bit then, my apologizes, i get excited when i'm writing this stuff lol. I hope it made sense and you like it though. Thanks for reading :)

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