Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lesson Learnt©

When you saw me in pain, why didn't you comfort me?
You didn't make an effort to change, though you knew you were hurting me
You always made me feel like an outsider, like i didn't belong
And treated me like a stranger or worse even though I’m your son
So everyday suicidal thoughts would eat through my brains
Voices in my head telling me things, making me feel insane
Then one day i thought i made it, i thought i was home free
But i was woken by the Electrocardiogram's rhythmic beeps
I bet you were filled with joy, when you thought i was gone
But its seems like death isn't ready for my face to be shown
I've learnt my lesson, i won't give up so easily now
So you'll have to put up with me being in your life somehow
And one of these days the tables will make a sharp turn
And you'll be the one with a lesson to be learnt
Yet still you are my mother and i will always show you respect
But i will make sure i never follow in your footsteps

Note: This poem is dedicated to someone special, this person may not feel that they are special but is to me. Just to let you know that i'm here when you need me :) I also want to say that maybe alot of people can relate to this, i really wanted to paint the same picture in your heads, as the one that appeared in mine when i was writing this and i hope i succeeded. Thanks for reading :)

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