Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Heart Of Stone©

So I’m here with a heart of stone that beats when it wants to
Whilst he’s there with a heart of gold, and wants me to break a little
But I don’t break it big enough, because I feel afraid
Afraid that it will be too strong, too powerful for me to take
Something I can’t handle, so I break a microscopic piece
Only that’s not good enough for him, but it is for me
You see he knows what he wants and I’m a part of his plan
But I’m the complete opposite; I don’t know what I want
Sometimes I sit and wonder, trying to figure myself out
Is my heart so dark, that love can’t find its way out?
People die trying to find love, because it is so rare
And I have it right in front of me, but all I do is stare
What people call love nowadays is what I call lust?
And being lied to all the time makes it hard to trust
And that is why I’ll stay the way that I am
With a heart of stone, that can’t be broken by any man.

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