Saturday, 19 March 2011

Greedy And Wants It All©

A guy has no work, but he doesn't do wrong to make money

Whilst another guy is rich, but at night he still worries

The guy who doesn't have a dime, is still a happy man

He doesn't grudge and envy what others have at hand

But the guy who is rich, is never satisfied and wants it all

He's not thankful, because his pay check is too small

You'd think the guy with nothing would be the one cursing

But instead he thanks God for everyday he wakes up breathing

Yet the ignorant other guy is filled with envy and greed

Wanting more and more, purchasing things he doesn't need

You see the greedy guy is much like some youths today

They see something they like and has to have their way

Wanting everything but don't really deserve anything

Because they have little consideration and don't put the work in

Whilst others are satisfied with far less than the best

And are happy that their hearts are still beating in their chest

They have to work to get half of what some of the others get

Satisfied, they don't curse and get upset

And you know what's hurting me the most

I don't fall straight into that category but i'm pretty close.

Too many of us nowadays are not satisfied with what we have and forget to be thankful and like them i can say i do forget myself sometimes, but i'm working on it and i am lucky to be where i am today. Truly blessed. So remember to take sometime out to give thanks once in a while, and it's not like its harming you ;) Thanks for reading :)

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