Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Couldn't Be Without You (Loving Peace)©

She cried for him every night
Wishing he didn’t have to leave her life
The only man that made her feel alive
Was taken from her before her very eyes
Now she’s a walking corpse because she’s dead inside
But it was his time and God took his child
So she had no choice but to let him go
And in the process she lost a part of her soul
Too scared to love again she isolated herself from the world
Seeking comfort in the challenge of staying strong for her little girl
But every time she looked at her she saw him
And is reminded of the pain over and over again
She was broken; a once healthy heart has now turned stone cold
A frown takes the place of a once smile of gold
She knew she could never be complete again, she would never heal
And a love like that again would be something she could never feel
So one night whilst reminiscing she just gave up
Tired of feeling lonely, she couldn’t go on and had enough
So she joint him six feet deep and in the skies above
Now at peace, so at the funeral they set free her dove
But mom why did u have to leave me like that
You could have at least said goodbye, I’m sure I deserved that
But now I’ve grown a little, I understand why you did what you did
And I see you and daddy every time I close my eyelids.

Note: I wasn't sure what to call this and i'm not too sure if 'Couldn't Be Without You' is a bit cheesy, hmmm, i hope not. Anyways i wrote this in a notepad on my phone whilst i was on the bus listening to Jennifer Hudson- Believe, you should Youtube that or something, it's a very inspirational song. See, i'm always writing, when ever and where ever i am and an idea comes to me, i have to write it. I actually shed a few tears writing this, it's not based on a first hand experience and i hope it touches you the way it touched me! Thanks for reading :)

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