Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Outburst of Emotion©

By the time I’ve finished writing this a million tears would have rolled down my cheeks
I wonder if there is any point in life anymore, as I struggle to focus through the weeks
Years have gone by; where I found remedy for the times I spent alone
But my options are running dry and the determination I once had has gone
Scared to confide in anyone, they all think I am strong with a heart of steel
But little do they know my knees barely support me, and my heart beat’s weak
Slowly trying to discover and steer my life in the direction I want it to go
But it’s harder than I thought it would be, because I haven’t a clue, I just don’t know
My life seems to be like a movie, where I play the girl who wants to live a new life
I know where I want to be, I’m trying to keep my eyes on it, but head keeps turning to the side
Looking in a direction I don’t want to take, I know it will be a long and dark road
So I’m trying to steer my head back to light, but my neck seems to have froze
Only if life could be so simple, run smooth like water and as soft as a bed of roses
But instead I’ve endured hurt and pain, crying myself to sleep, many headaches and blocked noses
My patience is running thin and I believe I’m slowly going insane
I ‘m always confused, taking life a second at a time, hoping I don’t strain
I might as well paint a smile on my face, because what you’re looking at is a mask
It’s hard to notice whether I am in pain by my face, but my voice doesn’t do so well on the task
They say think before you speak, because things I say can hurt or doesn’t make sense
But they don’t know I’m metaphorically speaking, and they should take it as a hint
Lost in a world of my own, how is that possible, how can that be
But it is possible if can’t tell the difference between you and me
Outsiders are trying to help but I’m sorry this is a one man’s fight
And I will know when I’ve lost, because just before my eyes close I will see the light.

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