Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Life.. Its All Black Blue and.. Grey

Some people may think I'm lame, but i don't care. I like to be creative and I like things with meaning. It's like listening to a song, especially a slow hip-hop track, yes of course the beat is essential but when you actually grasp what they are saying then you start to think wow this track is amazing. But hold up, not in today's world, i mean lyric, (not lyrics) in today's world just don't really matter. All you need is to somehow make a sentence, make them catchy and the beat does the rest. Anyways you might think, errr why's she babbling on about music what's that got to do with anything.Well music plays an enormous part in most if not every human's life, and this image relates because the blue part represents music. The black is the struggle and the things we have to go through to get what we want. And the grey is the hope, that belief in yourself, that keeps you going. Well this is what it's like for me anyways i can only speak for myself but I know others can relate. Anyhow, I could keep going on but that's all and oh i created the image myself and what i just explained is what came to mind to make me create it. :) Thanks for reading.

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