Thursday, 17 February 2011

Friends (For Now)©

Why is it when i go to bed, you wont let me sleep,
Your beautiful portrait is imprinted in my mind permanently.
I close my eyes but it's like i'm standing right in front of you,
I don't want to jeopardize our friendship but the truth is i want you.
The thought of you being with another girl cuts me deep,
But they say fate chooses itself sometimes but i hope it chooses me.
Time after time i try to explain to you how i feel,
But it never turns out right and things turn bleak.
You have all the right characteristics of what i call a near perfect man,
You were well constructed, so exquisite, a magnificent creation.
Friends? That's the start of something for the future, right?
Well i guess i'll have to wait and see, but my prayers are still with you every night.

I thought i'd write a quick poem, as i couldn't sleep last night because i kept on thinking about this guy. Yes, this one is rather personal like some of the others. I hope u enjoyed it :)

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