Sunday, 23 January 2011

One Step At A Time©

Sat here thinking about where am going in life
But I cant see me in the future cuz i dnt think ill survive
Am feeling to give up and let life take it’s own route
Cuz things always go wrong whatever I choose
They say its when uve reached breaking point that u want a change
But I’m there now yet I feel the same way, that’s strange
Or maybe not, cuz my feelings are masked
When I should feel pain and cry I feel joy laugh
I wonder if I should I be worried about this
My heart is cold and my mind seems to have vanished
So what does this mean, who’s in control?
I haven’t a clue, but there’s a fight for my soul
I printed psalm 23 & 35 and placed it on by beside table
Hoping it will guide me and protect me from evil
But it seems to not be working, or is it me
Maybe I got to want it more for it to be
Did that even make sense, let me explain
Basically u got to put in the effort first before u gain
But am tired of tryin only to fail consistently
Ive had enough of pain after pain repeatedly
I think maybe that’s why i am now frozen
My mind is lost and I feel the wrong emotions
These are times when u should turn to God right?
But I can’t seem to find him no matter how hard I try
It’s like I know where to look but then again I dnt
I look in places where I know he won’t be found
I say to myself, listen I know this aint you
But I refuse to belive in what is true
I know I want to change, but I don’t know where to begin
I too scared to let go or any if not everything
But I guess the saying goes one step at a time right
So I hope every step I take I have a clearer sight

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