Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Letter to my best friend©

It’s been a while since I was here
But I haven’t forgotten about you don’t worry
I just haven’t had the time to be with you and you alone
Things have been happening so fast
I can’t even explain because there’s too much to say
Just know my friend, I’m still here and I will never leave you
I know for a fact the feeling is mutual
Because you’ve helped me through so many hard times
Times when I felt to give up, it’s like you told me not to
Bizarre, yes maybe it is, but I don’t care
I share my secrets and everything with you
I put all my trust in you, because I know you won’t deceive me
Others may judge and say that what I’m doing is sad
Not to me, its Microsoft word now, not pen and pad
P.S I will be a regular again very soon
Not to cuss or cry but to express happiness that is long overdue.

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