Monday, 15 February 2010

Like Or Hate©

Yes, its me again, im back
With another adventure or rather a story
Not a straight forward one though
This one will get your minds thinking
So try to keep up with me
And ill try break it down for you
Anyways im going to empty my heart
Tears are stabbing at my eyes as i type
Not because im hurt or upset
I'm just a little depressed right now
I guess that the reason why i'm here again
You see the thing is there is this person
And i'm battling between whether
I like or hate this person
There cannot be any in between
Its just like there is a right or wrong
Either your right or your wrong
I kno hate is a strong word, very strong
But seriously it's either i like or hate
It's like a family member you mite dislike
But you know deep down you love that person
Hmmmm, that's a thought
Maybe i love this person, that must be it
But i refuse to think that i do
I refuse to accept it, i can't
I really hate the way he analyses everything
Oh by now i would have expected
You to figure out that it was a he
I hate it but i like it as well
I know i said there cant be an in between
But i have broken the rules
I'm smack, bang in the middle
My mind can't be made up
I feel as though i am stuck
And the hands of my clock has been broken
I feel broken, not in two but a million pieces
And it's like it's hard to fit just one piece
Then it's gotta be put in the correct place
Urgghhh, life and it's challenges :(

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