Saturday, 19 December 2009


I start thinking, i start hurting
Why beacuse i want to be with u
Realism and fantasy, how do they differ
If real is fake and fantasy aswel
That perfect picture painted in my mind
I hunger and thirst for a taste of realism
But everything i breathe on gets ruined
What i touch shrivels up
I think the world is your enemy
God is my only way out, but i lack faith in him
I rebel against the thought of another human's help
Feeling trap and no-one to turn confide in
I turn to my paper and pen and start writing
Everything that come to my head
Every thought becomes a story
I loose track of the prupose of writing
Which was to express this pain im feeling
And i write not just every thought
But every move and every breath inhaled and exhaled
I stop, the world's stopped, my pen's stopped
I take a second to reflect on what im doing
I realise the pen and paper are my only friends
I can trust them with my secrets
I tell them anything, everything, every emotion felt
I stop again and ask myself
Am i going crazy?
No, they say this is what love does to you
I show mostly anger, but i mean love
I don't mean to hurt, but i do
I'm sorry, pen down, now im relecting
A tear drop rolls down my cheek, then another
Im crying, but why? I have no emotion
Anger, fear, love, joy, sorrow, confusion
Inside is hollow, but inside that hollow
There's a light, waiting to be free
The key to open that hollow are in the words i speak
There's normally just one magical golden key
Full of powers to breaks the lock, as the fairytale goes
But to break this lock, to free this light
You need joy, love, and to speak words with passion
Words, but not any words, words with love
The light, it wants freedom
It has come close to the smell of freedom but never tasted it
It's bouncing off the surfaces of the walls
Once it's free, im free
I'll have understanding, i'll have love
I would be released, free
To make this light shine all over me
No more burdens or secrets, i'd be painless

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