Saturday, 19 December 2009

Not Ready©

Sitting here, listening to an instrumental
Thinking can i really go thru this or cant i
I want say i can then again i dont
I like you, just as a frend and nothing more
I'm not ready to go further than that
Atleast that's what i'm tellin myself
This is hard yanoe, cuz ur so nice to me
I dont want to hurt you, but i feel i am
Yet, i doing want to hurt myself by doin wats wrong
Hold on, wrong is not the correct word
Hmmm, i dont want to do something stupid
By stupid i mean do something i kno
I am not ready for at this moment in time
I dont want to go deep into this
But i jus want to let you understand
I dont kno wat it is, i do
To make boys feel this way about me
I'm capable of loving and i have loved
But right now my heart is on pause
I feel i dont want to walk that road
Not for now anyways
But i bet whn am ready for love
Love is not going to be ready for me
Wel that's as deep as i'm goin to get
For now, what will be, will be
I just want to have a bit of fun

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