Saturday, 19 December 2009

Love You©

When i think about you my heart aches
Literally, i dont jus feel love, but also fear
I dont understand why i have these feelings
Maybe because we're still young
But i know this is real love, im not just sprung
I think im scared of actual reality
Because to me this seems unreal
I want to believe this is a real feeling
But when i think of the reality of it
I just laugh and say this is just us talking
But then again you are being serious
And i think to myself, am i?
I want to be but something tells me im not
I dont express this to u in words
Im too scared of your reactions
They say you should hold on to what makes u smile
And your what makes me smile
I love your smile, i've never let you know
I guess i am shy but like u, thats how i grew
All that i have is that smile, so fresh in my memory
It's scarred my heart, im suprised at wat it does to me
When i think of u smiling, its an undefined moment
Ive always loved u, believe it or not
I always compare boys to you and no-one has ur gift
The effect u have on me is amazing, speechless
Im waiting for that day to come when u hold me
And your lips touch mine, im sure i'd melt
If i get so intesified thinking about u, i cant imagine
What i would feel like, when your touchin me
Ur a gentleman, a man with a rare gift of shyness
Combined with a heart of pure love
I love everything about u, the way u talk, Smile, walk
Even the way u say my name, no-one but u
Calls me what u do, the syllables, the sound
Wow, i guess im going pretty deep
But there isn't a limit to which i can express
What i feel, ur the one for me, faith knows it
Im asking myself im ready for a lifetime with u
I dont want to look at the negative side not at all
I want to stay positive, but its kind of hard
You wanted me to promise you something
I was in shock, i think you could tell, i was speechless
I know your the type to know what your doing
It's part of the reason why i love you
I never thought i was one to be caught up in love
Those chilhood memories, i thought it was a crush
Then i got deeper, then i thought maybe jus lust
Now its out of control and i know it's Love
Im sorry, u might not understand why
But u will one day i promise
I can imagine us with kids married living together
That's why i'm scared because it looks so good
But in life if doesnt always turn out fairytale like
Despite that i will make it happen
There's only two way i can think of that wil stop it
One's obvious and the other is not
Well maybe but i dont think it will be to you
I can look pass both of them and move on
I would never love like this again if it were to happen
If i lost u to someone else, i mite aswel die
Heartbroken wouldn't be the right word!

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