Saturday, 19 December 2009

Life and Death©

I’m running, in the dark, I can’t see any light
I don’t know where im running to, but I keep running
Miles upon miles, still no light, still no sign of an ending
Now im falling, I think to myself this is the end
Daylight, I look around, im in bed
I think to myself, thank god, it was just a dream
They say if u don’t wake up, when falling in your dream
You never wake up!!!
Now im breathing fast, and feeling light headed
Felt like I ran a marathon, what was I running from
There was nothing chasing me. I stop to think
Day dreaming for about 5 minutes
I loose track of my train of thoughts,
I wonder off in a world of different thoughts
Still lying in bed I start thinking of my plans for the day
Wait! Stop! Why was I running again
They say dreams have meanings
But I don’t understand the meaning behind this dream
Still lost, i try in my mind to make sense of it
Have some understanding of what this dream meant
But my mind goes blank
Stil blank, blank, blank, blank
Lost in a different train of thoughts
Again i run off track, at this rate il never find the meaning
Stop! i tell myself to focus, but my mind is stil blank
Evrytime i try to gain knowledge about this dream
I lose my train of thoughts. Again and again and again
What was i running from? Who was i running from?
I cast my memory back to the dream and i realised
There was no-one behiind me
So what does that mean?
Was i running from myself?
All these unanswered questions, can now be answered!
Yes, i think to myself, that makes sense!
I was running from my heart,
Because my mind was scared of wat it held
Trapped in darkness without a light
I realised my heart wanted freedom
But my mind wouldn't let it free
So it was me who was running from my heart
It was the heart that wanted to escape from me
I bruised myself, shattered my inside
I dreamt that dream, and i was near death
I cudnt understand at first but now i do
My heart craved any form of light
No my mind is in the darkness, it feeds of my heart
My heart makes the decisions now
Now im living real life!!

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