Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Cycle©

I know that me and u are too perfect of a match
We are jus rite for each otha
So rite that the devil is gna try his best to nt make us be togetha.
But uknw wat, even thru all da fites that we've had
The break ups and make ups
Togetha we are too powerful
We have an unbreakable bond
Noone can break that bond expect me or u
When we get mad at each other
When we curse each other
Its like someone being shot
The Bullet pierces their skin
They feel the pain, and fall to their knees
They saty on thier knees seconds before hitting the ground
Wat am tryin to say it that
When we fight, one of us falls first
But instead of helpin the other up
We walk away from each other, turn our backs
But We dont reach far until we fall aswell
Because our hearts fail to carry on without each other
When one falls, the other falls aswel
And we can't get up without each other's help
We cud help each otha up
But because we are angry to have fallen in da first place
We stay down, mad at each other
Still fighting, still cursing, letting it all out
Till finally someone gets tired and gives up
Not give up the fighting, but gives up all together
Then we think the situation is solved
But really and even bigger one has evolved
Then it keeps goin, and goin
Tears shed, anger felt, but no thought of making up
Or working things out. None wat so ever
We give each other choices, so we can both choose
But sumtimes or most of the times its one sided
One expresses themself and try to apologise
But the other ignores and vice versa
Then somehow we finally agree to talk seriously
We talk, still cursing, then we stop and try again
But this time we set rules to follow
Rules that shud enable us to cut down the fighting
But these rules are broken, we cant be controlled by rules
The love is too powerful, so what now
We both wonder where to start making up
Conversation is stale and dry and effortless
Eventhough we have stopped fighting
We are still not on talking terms properly
Then one expresses themself deeply
Triggering how it felt when we are not fighting in the other's mind
We both express how we felt, exchanges Loves you's
Everything is back to normal now, or so we think for now
But what we probably dont realise is that....
It's a forever never ending cycle
Some runs are going to be worst than others
But we jus have to remember how we really feel for each otha
That is hard when you are at the top of your rage
But wat can you say, that's Love for you
We help each other up, dust off
and the cycle starts all over again

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