Saturday, 19 December 2009


I dnt really know where to start
So am jus gna write what comes to mind
Then jus take it from there
I know im not perfect
Neither do i wish to be
But to me your perfect, your prefect for me
Our situation is not perfect
There's always gna be ups and downs
Let me jus make it rhyme
And smiles and frowns :)
Typical, no lets not use that word
Unique, yes, i think is the better adjective
Your are mine no matter what
You love me and i respect that
I love you too uknow i do
But when u say somethings to me
Some how i dont believe you
Its not that i dont want to
But somethings are too good to be tru
I love the way u treat me
I cudnt ask for anything more b
YOu are the light that shines
You control my heart and my mind
I try to stop thinking about you
But that's impossible to do
I kno i get mad easily
But they say love drive you crazy
Well u'd think id love you forever
I thought that we wud last forever
But forever ended when i realised
That you only loved with your eyes
In Love? Maybe you felt that you were
Confused, i think that's wat you really were
Between love and lust
I believed you and i gave you my trust
But you fail to let things be
You were in love with my body
U lusted my phycial features
I didnt want that, i wanted deeper
I wanted your love, just to be loved by you
But now i gues im left to rue
Im a changed person because of you
I learnt things wen i was with you
No, i cant say that i dont stil love you
I'd be lying, cuz somehow i do
But slowly its fading and that's great
Only thing is love is turning to hate
I dont see friendship as an option
Me and u together thats the only solution
So lets go our separate ways
Say our goodbyes to the olden days
I'll surely miss it and so will you
Jus remember, i wil always love you!

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