Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Hey All :

Hope you are all well. This is just a quick post.

Following on from my DYFY exhibition last year, my YouTube playlist of poems from that exhibition is still available for you all to have a listen whenever you like; feel free to just click on the link below.

Note: Much love and appreciation. Tanny x

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

NEW VIDEO! The Beauty Is

Hi all…

I have recently dropped a new spoken word piece on my YouTube channel (video below).

I have anticipated putting out this piece for a while now, I already had the basis of it down and I just kept leaving it until the time felt right I guess. 
In this piece, I wanted to highlight that life will toss and turn you in all kinds of directions without forewarning, but the beauty is in the little things that keep us going. 

It was all created by yours truly and hopefully it showcases a smidgen of what I am truly capable of whilst also relatable. 

Note: I know I tend to take long between posts, and all I can do is apologise. I work off my gut feelings and instincts and being as though on this blog are things I choose to share; I don't want to share anything that feels forced or that my heart isn't in. With that being said, thank you all for the continuous support by visiting by blog and a wish you all a prosperous 2018. Also, I'll always be back… at some point. Much love Tanny xx.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sense Of This

Make some sense of this
Piece together the letters
Formulate sentences with meaning
It's crazy
Crazy how my head stays buzzing
Eyes forced close
And breathe
I just let it ooze from me
In no time floods circulate at my feet
I try to get myself to stop
Hands so limp they can't even wipe the tears from my eyes
I hear the echoes from the hollow in my chest
I just want to fill this hole
I just want to be great
For fuck sake
Let me make sense of this
Why can't I understand?
Let me make sense of this

Note: Semi free write. Much love… Tanny x

Monday, 9 October 2017

Made You Think 101: Am I Ungrateful?

There are many things in life to be thankful for and every day I wake up I am learning to appreciate life more and more.
As I learn, I grow both mentally and spiritually. I am learning to feed myself with positivity and consciousness, but in the midst of being positive, sometimes I feel so empty. This emptiness leads me to start questioning myself and my existence. Questions such as:
Am I enough?
What am I doing wrong?
Why do I feel so empty?
Why do I feel as though I am not getting anywhere?
Why is nothing working in my favour?
Am I ungrateful for thinking like this?

These questions swarm me when I let an once of negativity through my shield. Then I feel myself ever so slowly begin to shrink, and retract into my shadows.

Sometimes I refrain from expressing such feelings to anyone because I don't want to come across as an ingrate. Then I tell myself that I have nothing to complain about, but this hollowness in my chest, stomach, wherever in my body, just doesn't want to disappear. It is such an uncomfortable feeling.

I try to keep myself creatively busy. So if I am not writing, I am drawing and if I am not drawing, I'm painting and if I am not doing any of those things; I am doing research or reading. Either way, I am very aware of when I am wasting time and try my best not to do so. But having said that, even when I am doing all of these things and is keeping myself occupied, there is still something missing.
I spoke about this feeling of something bigger than me that I feel is awaiting me before and I haven't a clue what or how.
I just get frustrated because something in me tells me I am better, and I am trying to be better, but reality feels tortoise slow and most of the time I don't know which direction to turn let alone what I am doing. I know things reveal themselves when it's the right time for them to do so and I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason as you know, but this feeling is so uneasy.

So am I ungrateful for thinking this way? I mean I am humbled to have reached as far as I have and I give thanks for everything I have and accomplished. But at the same time I feel like this is only a micro portion of who I should truly be and what I should truly be and have.

I don't know… I've had this feeling for years now and it just seems to intensify as the years have passed. I am pretty sure I have spoken about it before on this platform, so if anything this is just a follow up from previous posts.
I can honestly say that it really does get to me from time to time but sometimes I don't even try to decipher it, just roll with the punches and go with the flow. I guess that is all I can do.

Note: Hi guys, I hope you are all well and being your best selves. I thought I'd share this post with you all because even though I have written about it before, it is still a persistent feeling. It sucks but I am powering through. Anyways, thank you for reading as always. Much love Tanny xx

Thursday, 28 September 2017

National Poetry Day Piece

We all have moments where we feel like the world is caving in
So we try to take deep breaths in, out, and in 
Trying to contemplate our next move
Wanting it to go well but haven’t a clue what to do
Should we run and hide?
Or stay and fight?
Should we listen to our hearts or our guts?
Problem is, you feel like you’ve had no luck
… with either
So you start to consider
Consider what the best option is
A little familiar voice says give in
… just let it go
Run as fast as you can till you can’t run any more
In the past you’ve listened to that voice
Ran and hid without a single glance behind
But you made a vow to not do that anymore
And in doing that, I guess some things you’ve decided to automatically endure
But is that fair to yourself?
Stick to what you know, just be yourself
Run if you need to and don’t trip up
And sometimes just say fuck it and give up
Cause not everyone will understand your value
Not everyone will understand you
So what’s the solution in situations like this?
Situations where you want to call it quits
Run and hide?
Stay and fight?

The choice is yours!

Note: So, today is National Poetry Day and this is my piece for it. For some people it is more than words, it is healing. Hope you are all doing well and continue to look after yourselves and healths. Much love Tanny xx

Monday, 25 September 2017

NEWS! Do You For You Exhibition

Hey Guys

Yesssss, I have been mad busy over the past couple of months, working on my exhibition. See above flyer. I'll give you a second to have a look.

Okay! Ahhhh! I am so excited for this. My very first show. And it is a solo show, accompanied by a launch night on the 12 Oct, 6-9pm at The Gap, in which I will perform a few of my poems, tell you a bit about me and how the exhibition came about. The exhibition will run for a month, so if you are not able to make the launch night, you can pop in and have a look whilst it's in full swing. 10th Oct to the 4th Nov 2017.
The exhibition was commissioned by Punch Records.

Look forward to seeing you all there and if you pass through remember to take pictures and tweet me @tannytizzle, Instagram @artbytannytizzle or tag my Facebook page with the #hashtag #DYFYExhibition.

Note: Thank you for riding with me through out the years. I am forever grateful to those who read my work on here. Hope you are taking care of yourselves. Love you all, Tanny xx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Made You Think 101: Where Is Life?

The breakdowns are frequent now... I can definitely say every month without fail, I find myself not being able to pinpoint the reason for tears but just crying for everything.

And that is so fucking frustrating.

I feel like life hasn't arrived yet... I don't want to measure success or 'living life' base on what society deems as success and having made it because inside I don't feel like I have gotten anywhere. And whilst some may see this as not being thankful, I have this internal battle with myself of what I should be thankful for.
For life? Yes, I give thanks at the start of every 24 hours but I am equally frustrated because it feels like a waste, like I haven't taken a step forward.
So, this constant ping pong match is occurring in me. And I have began to internalise my thoughts, hence my reason for not posting, mainly because I don't want to seem as though I am being ungrateful. But inside I don't feel as though I have reached anywhere to be jumping up in joy about.

Where is life? I wish I knew. I wish I knew what it was.
I wouldn't have any reason to moan if I was sat at home not doing anything, but I have tried and have had many doors closed in my face.
I am blessed with talents and I am trying to use them but why is it so hard and why is there a part in me that always feel missing.

Many times I ask myself what I am doing wrong, cause I really don't know...

Sometimes I feel the need to be up high, sitting on a roof top but the thought of jumping always comes knocking strong and hard...

Where is life?
Why hasn't is stopped by me yet?
Why can't I define it?
What is this emptiness at the pit of my stomach?
Why do I keep breaking down?

I keep having these headaches that do not want to go away...
I keep zoning out, everything seems slower then...

I constantly ask why, hoping answers would reveal themselves to me...

Have you ever tried hugging yourself?
                                          ...holding yourself?

And telling yourself it's going to be okay having no idea what 'okay' is?

Note: I start this blog to share things with you all. They say it's okay not to be okay right? Thanks for reading... love you all. Tanny xx

Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Start of The Best Month

Hey guys

First thing's first, I want to thank everyone who has kept visting my blog even though I have somewhat abondoned you guys over the past month or so.
Though I haven't been posting much, I still do write and I am active more so on my Instagram page (@artbytannytizzle) and also on Twitter (@TannyTizzle). So you guys can go follow me on them and I do follow back.
I would also like to apologise for the distance. This blog was created as a platform to vent and just put my feelings out there for anyone who could relate. I wanted to hug people who were feeling somewhat the same as me with my words. Though I haven't had many people post comments, I have recieved feedback on the blog posts and how they have helped people in different situations. And I love that. That was the aim, so to have readers come to me and tell me such things absolutely warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I love that I am helping people.

Right, so as I said I have been busy, mainly with general life battles and things but I have been trying to push my art and really establish myself in the creative world. More details to come on that.

I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know I am still here and will come out of ghost mode soon and resume my writing, especially the "Made You Think 101" series.

Anyways hope you are all well and doing you for you. Love you all Tanny xx

Note: Be sure to follow my social media pages. Thank you x

P.S. It is the start of the best month, my birthday month :) And I plan to keep going and keep doing me. To all the July babies, hope you all have an awesome month. :) 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Little Black Notes

I remember purchasing these little black envelopes at the beginning of last year, with the intention of creating something that I could to stick at throughout the entire year. Cause I find myself always starting something but I don’t tend to stick at them. So these black envelopes were to be filled with little notes to some up each month as the year progressed. 

When the year ended, I began reading through these notes. The first few months contained a lot of positives, filled with bubble of joys, such as my trip Manchester, Youtube videos that motivated me and other little bubbles of joy. But as I read through, the positives became less and less. Most of them were of me crying out for some sort of help, seeking answers to unanswered questions and just really trying to find myself in these notes. It got to the point where I finished reading what I had written on the month of September and couldn’t read the rest. I vaguely remember writing them, but these notes that I thought would log all the good stuff that happened in year were just sad. Filled with tear stained ink. They highlighted my internal battles, my cries for help, my pain and the constant darkness that I felt overshadowing my life.

The one good thing that I felt came from these notes was the ability to stay consistent. Although I needed the help of my monthly alarm and it felt as though I was cheating a bit, I was just happy that I stuck at it. 
We live in a world that is fast paced, so, many times we need alarms to remind us to do A or B and go from A to Z, but I was glad that I stuck at it. 

These notes just literally summed up 2016 for me. It was a year where I felt that I was in a dark place and I felt like what else could go wrong. I kept on trying to pull myself out of this darkness that was constantly trying to consume me and it reflected in my notes. When I first started off, I was looking for something positive to write, I was trying to search for those little bubbles of joy. I was sieving through my memory thinking what made me happy, when was I most happy and what little things I could put down in my notes that were highlights of each month. But as the months went on, I just wrote what I felt in that moment of time as I was writing each one. I wasn’t trying to remember the little bubbles of joy. I just summed up my general feeling for that whole month and most of the time it was depressing as fuck. And that is so sad. 
The whole of last year I felt like I was trying to claw onto something that was going to make me feel like I am on the right track to something. I was trying to latch on to whatever I could but it seemed like there was nothing there for me to latch on to. 

And right now, I am glad that I stuck at it because towards the late end of the year, I started doing a free-write every night. I only just broke the cycle, in the middle of last month. And I feel as though I have learnt so much about myself as well as proved so much to myself. 
I feel as though I am still trying to claw my way out of this darkness and I am still trying to latch on to something that will solidify whether I am going in the right direction in my life, but those little notes taught me consistency. I learnt to stick at something and see it through, and although they were filled with such sadness, they have enabled me to prove a lot to myself. And that’s amazing. 

Perhaps this free-write will sum it up…

Sometimes I can feel it
Looking for something to latch on to
Sieving through past experiences
Coaxing me to look back
Pulling on strings that I tucked away
I try to suppress it 
So it searches deeper
I feel it stirring up in my stomach 
Tightening in my throat
As the tears stab at my eyes
I feel it jumping around as it figures out my weakness
Yanking loose strings
The tears roll
It runs through my body sending shivers
Memories come flooding back
It bounces
I crumble

It knows I felt it

Note: Whilst it is okay not to be okay, it is not okay to keep it all in. Release it in whichever way you are most comfortable. Stay strong. Thank you for reading. Love you all. Tanny x

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Be Careful

Be careful who you open your heart to
With whom you share your thoughts too
Not all intentions are pure
So be sure
Be careful who you let into your sacred place
That place that keeps a smile on your face
Where you go in your attempts to escape
When the world reminds you that it's not a nice place
Be careful whose shoulder you lean on
And who you reach out to for assistance when you don't feel strong
Cause most people only have one aim
And that's to somehow gain
Gain whatever they can for themselves
So be careful where you direct your cries for help

Note: Because it is World Poetry Day, I felt that I needed to post something. So here is a little poem that I wrote this morning. Hope all of my readers are well, looking after their health and protecting their inner peace. Thank you for reading. Love you all. Tanny x